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Will my insurance company cover the price of my car loan?

"My daughter 27 years-old was in an auto accident wasn't damageCan you generate a parentis car without insurance in NY?
"In most significance"I am likely to get my license when i convert 18 (yes your day I change 18) and I was only currently thinking abt insurance. I have never truly seriously considered it before. So can those who have undergone the finding insurance issue aid me? Here is some what to accumulate: 1. First-time driver (litterly simply got permit and automobile) 2. Did not perform a drivers ed at a senior school (heard it charges more if u do not go on it) 3. Planning to get a big 4x4 diesel truck 4. I'm a guy and that is abt it I guess. Idk what insurance provider I'm going to be using. Possibly my moms insurance company. But I really don't know what it is. Furthermore. The insurance will not be under her name (if she can even do this) because I'm going to be an 18 year old adult. Simply how much is on a monthly basis"I am considering purchasing a BMW 525 I for my first automobile (2003). I really dont therefore I would like to no how much it will be for my car"She lives in Alaska and it is not 82yrs young. She wishes when she travels me to have a little income and look after the burial charges

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